Dear Broken Heart

image*Dear Broken Heart*

God feels your pain
God knows everything…
Through all these years
through your everyday
always keeping you
in His care…
The many sad things
that in your life had happened
caught you trapped
in your never ending pain
draining your whole being…
The lonely dark years
have been so long
and the memories
kept coming back…
Yes they never leave…
they will always stay…
because those memories
are a part of us…
they are the memories
of the people we love…
Yes they are the gone pieces
of our broken heart
broken life…

Nothing we can do…
The gone days
we can not bring back…
Breathe now in your today
though things has lost meaning
though the memories of the pain
are what lingers…
Just breathe…
God wants you to know
to Him you have meaning
Quiet now your soul
Just breathe…
and look up to the skies
It’s vastness
is God’s divine presence…
The mistakes, and tragedies
of the past
can never forfeit
His loving grace in you…
It may have been too long now…
but God’s time is always perfect…
It is never late
for us that believes in Him…


Manuelle Augustine


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